Sunday, April 11, 2010

A few charcoals I've been working on.....

Another sketch of Blue. Started for Andrew's birthday, but I didn't quite get the proportions correct. So, it is a practice sketch!! Teaching me to slow down and get the proportions correct right from the's hard because it is easy to start working on the details too early. I'll have to keep thinking big shapes and smooth lines early on.

A little sketch of me, drawing me!! Self-portrait, about 8X10". Had to draw fast, light was changing through the window.

It was fun though!

Skyler's portrait of his little brother Evan! Skyler is 6 yrs old. His first charcoal drawing!

Impressionistic Charcoal Poppies. I had fun with this as well.
Actually, seeing it here on screen, I really love this! I like the feeling of dappled sunlight and warm spring breeze.

8X10" charcoal

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