Monday, February 24, 2014

flowers and birds to cure the winter blues!

I've been painting. I have been focusing more and more intently on my artwork since last fall. I did a few lessons with local artist and instructor Rodney Mercer last spring. Then summer came, and I just was too busy with kids and all to really focus. Once October rolled around, I really got going with my lessons with Rodney again. He's an absolutely AMAZING is a link to his website...... He is also a gifted instructor and can not only give technical knowledge, but lots of inspirational talks. He encourages his students to find their own way, their own style while still giving advice and information. The lessons have been keeping me on track, focused and motivated. the big thing we have been focusing on is getting me to "loosen up" in terms of my brushwork and approach. I've been doing lots of studies and quick little paintings in an effort to get there! Here are a few paintings I did to cure the winter blues!

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