Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking Pro!

I had a few paintings professionally framed.....lookin' totally pro now ;) They are heading up to the L.A.W.N. (League of Artists of Western Newfoundland) art exhibit at Trailes Tales and tunes festival in Norris point. One is a new one I haven't posted before. It is titled "Snoozers." Two horsies having a little snooze, a scene I've enountered frequently in my life.... Horses snoozing here, there and everywhere!

This one I titled "Lean On Me." Wonder why? :)

I really love them dearly and though I'd like to sell them on one level, on another level I will be sad to part with them. I am really happy with them however and am looking forward to painting more that I can fall in love with. And hey, if they don't sell, I can be happy putting them up on my own wall! :D

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  1. I love all your animals. They're very colorful and charming.