Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three's company

The most recent painting "roll' started almost two weeks ago when one Saturday, I wanted to paint an animal and thought of my friend Cindy's dog and a grreat bunch of photos I had seen on her facebook a few months agoo. I asked her if I could paint Simon and she said of course.......she also told me Simon was dying, which I didn''t know. By then I was almost finished the painting as I had already gone ahead and started (my llittle admission!) and this painting was one of those that just "fell of the brushes" so to speak. I didn't realize how sick he really was and he passed away several days after I finished the painting. I hadn't seen much of Simon in recent years, but his effervescent and goofy personality sure made him a dog to remember. A real sweetheart and Cindy's best friend for many years, they sure made a great team and the most of their time together. Simon's portrait is at the botton of the page (I still haven;t figured this blog "thang" out..........

The others are two horsey paintings I did of a friend's couple of photos (Krista Critch)- she has lots of great horse photos and was kind enough to let me use some for reference! yay! I obviously gravitate to horsey scenes as much of my life was spent in or near a barn, but I also like whimsical and light-hearted scenes, too. They are fun to paint and kind of take the pressure off painting "serious" art! The one of the horse with her head over the other horse's back makes me smile.

Then there are the three amigos below that........hanging out together on a winter's day and keeping each other warm and cozy while they chow down on some feed.

so that's it for now!! I have another couple in progress and they are causing me a little more........ahem....challenge shall I say.........but I'm rather determined to keep this watercolor roll just rolling right along thank you very much so I will keep at it and post some more paintings real soon, y'all! No stopping this watercolor mommma!